LT 999 Fish Meal 5 Kg


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LT Fish Meal (Triple 999) is in contrast to normal fish meal prepared at a lower temperature so that valuable nutrients and heat-resistant amino acids are preserved. LT fish meal is rich in quality protein, the fat content is lower than normal fish meal as part of the oil is filtered during the manufacturing process.
LT fish meal makes a good process in countless mix.


The nutritional value coupled with the strong smell make the LT triple 999 fish meal into a very interesting ingredient, especially during the cold period, a real winner!

Dose to: 20-30%
Protein content: 73%
Carbohydrate content: 2%
Fat content: 11%
Curing: reasonable
Workability: good

** LT Fishmeal (Triple 999) falls under category 3 products (animal by-product)
Not for human consumption.

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